About Our Products


Engineered to Perform

Welcome to FlexTek: A new realm of engineered RC performance parts. FlexTek was developed to provide superior options to the original plastic products as well as un-engineered after market products that are available today.

FlexTek parts have been engineered to optimize performance through material selection, geometric precision and a controlled manufacturing process. They are original designs that not only enhance the performance of your RC but increase the overall durability as well.

Nothing Beats Titanium

FlexTek suspension arms are manufactured from titanium. Why did we elect to utilize titanium when entering into the RC market place? Titanium is one of the most respected materials on the planet. It has unique properties that allow for diversity in its use in a wide variety of applications that effect us all in our daily lives.

Our creative staff of engineers have chosen a specific alloyed titanium due to its high tensile and yield strengths along with its highly fatigue-resistant properties.

In comparison to aluminum and plastic, titanium is able to absorb much larger and even multiple impacts without imparting significant fatigue or exceeding its stress limits. It has been proven that titanium has a much longer fatigue life, which allows it to maintain its strength and hold its shape to maintain performance over time.

Designed to be Different

At FlexTek, our engineers design parts specific to the material properties. In doing so, many FlexTek parts are unique in design and appearance as compared to original and replicated parts.

Our titanium suspension arms are designed to absorb impact but remain very rigid in the direction of suspension travel. Our arms have been designed using optimized geometries that utilize the unique properties of the titanium. This relationship allows us to design parts that will withstand much greater impacts as well as a dramatic reduction of these forces being transferred back into the vehicles related framework.

In addition to the abuse aspect, our engineers have paid close attention to the details that will make the parts perform at their optimum. All unnecessary material has been removed from the design to make the parts as light as possible while maintaining an overall balance of the part. Optimization of this nature translates to increased suspension speed assuring better wheel to ground contact resulting in enhanced handling.

FlexTek titanium suspension arms are at or near the weight of the stock plastic parts. Keeping the weight down increases the power-to-weight ratio while providing both high yield and high tensile strength.