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FlexTek 100-Set Production Run

FlexTek has been receiving a consistent stream of requests for manufacturing suspension arms.  As a company, we have determined that it is not cost effective for us to purchase a volume of inventory and sell it slowly over a period of time.  However, with a continuous stream of requests we decided that it may be worth doing large runs of production if there is up front commitment to purchase the product.

We will to collect a list of individuals that are willing to purchase arm sets.  Once the production run hits 100 arm sets, we will check that all individuals are still willing to purchase arm sets.  If we have reached a minimum order of 100 arm sets and preorder payments of 50% we will begin production.  Upon completion of production (about 8 weeks) we will request remaining payment and your arm set will be shipped.

Production will run $300 per set of 8 arms.  $150/set will be requested up front and $150/set will be due upon shipment.  Please indicate vehicle or vehicles and number of sets of each you would like to purchase.

100 Set Minimum Order Required Per vehicle: If we do not receive 100 orders, we will not collect prepayment and we will not move into production.  Please do not sign up unless you are committed to purchasing the suspension arms.  If you are unsure please list your inquiry as unsure and we will follow up as we get close to 100 requests.

If you are serious about ordering a set, please fill out our form here and submit!

Thank you for your inquiry.

Status, updated weekly: